Workshop # 3 Performing Garment

Workshop #3 Performing Costume

Taking place October 21st–  November 1st, 2019 

At Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO), Oslo, Norway

Performing Costume is a workshop in which costume designers will be provided with conditions to create performance starting from their designed garments. 

In recent decades costume has emancipated itself from traditional position of being in service of the play or director or actors. Nowadays one can find costume-based performance art, sculpture or even theatre performances. Theatre costume can generate stories, experiences, meaning… It does stuff. It performs. So, what would the performance coming from costumes be?

Each participant will bring garments and description for their visions for a performance embedded in the garments or/ and ideas for what to try out in the workshop. They will be provided with:

  • Individually 4 sessions x 3 hours totally 16 hours with two performers/dancers 
  • Sharing sessions 4 session x 3 hours totally 12 hours x four performers/ dancers
  • Space and basic stage equipment 
  • Light design/ dialogue with a light designer
  • Consultations by the two main researchers of Costume Agency
  • All workshop participants will meet for feedback and brainstorming sessions to help each other think and create.  

Performing Costume is part of Costume Agency a four-year artistic research project by Christina Lindgren (KHiO, Norway) and Sodja Lotker (DAMU, Czech Republic), focusing on exploring how costume performs, how it produces meaning and experience within a performative setting. This is led by Lotker and Lindgren and is the third workshop in the Costume Agency series. First workshop in January 2019 explored the influence of costume within theatre based in classical text-based drama. The second workshop in March 2019 looked at how performance can be devised from garment and what the performative aspects of garment as ready-made can be.  Costume Agency will have its peak with an event of multiple workshops, exhibition and a conference in August 2020. 

Workshop is open for costume professionals. There is no participation fee. We have no scholarships for travel and accommodation.

April 22, 2019
Written by christinasodja

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