The research with in the project Costume Agency is artistic research and it is primarily approached in workshops lead by costume designers that want to research the agency of costume in performance and how pursue or deliberate a vision for a possible performance embedded in the garment.

The format follows a set dogma that involves 6 designers and 4 performers for 10 days of rehearsals over a period of twelve days of explorations, dialogue and development.

Each designer will have access to a stage, light design and performers. They will make priorities, involve the performers, light designers and dramaturges as needed. They are free to involve other elements as text, music or other in order to realise their ideas.

Costume garments will be prepared ahead of time. In the workshop they will be explored, developed/ deconstructed and explored again. In the workshop we investigate how costume affords dramaturgical change. We research the complexity of the interactions of the four components (garment, body, action and context) and want to refine perceptual apparatus and vocabulary needed to reflect on the findings. The focus is; how does a garment perform?

Workshops are led by Lotker, Lindgren and invited guests, and engage master- and PhD level students from collaborating institutions and additional participants recruited through open calls. These are PhD students, professionals and teachers from all continents.

There will be ten workshops in the period of January 2019 till May 2021.
The workshops will have open calls for participantion.
April 1, 2019
Written by christinasodja

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